Saturday, July 11, 2015

Updates Galore!

Well, rather than make this post about one subject, I am so behind, I figured I'd give some quick updates and share some pics to get us all caught up.

First, the important stuff - bunny update.  Since I last reported, we lost a few more babies.  We now have 4 little ones that are now almost 6 weeks old, and already quite the curious fluff balls!

Line up for grub!
How can I feed you when you're in the bowl?

They have been weened, so mom has moved out and the kids have their own home now.  They are doing so well that we will finally be giving them names very soon!  We are big fans of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, and since we have Penny, we may be adding other bunnies to the cast.

4 Healthy Little Babies!
Look how big and fluffy we are!

In other baby news, the kittens are doing well...but how can kittens be so cute yet so destructive? We have had a few interesting mishaps with the kittens, including them somehow opening screens on our second story windows and jumping from them, and wanting to "help" with yarn making and sewing.

I'm a helper!  I can shred your patterns!
What's up?


 But all in all, they are little sweeties, and when they curl up in your lap and (finally) fall asleep, it doesn't get much better than that!

Finally passed out with ol' JB.
I was able to collaborate on a really fun project with our friend/landlord.  Her grandmother had made her this super sweet crochet barn bag filled with adorable amigurumi farm animals.  We wanted to recreate it so my friend could give it as a gift to her friend's newborn baby.  It was such a blast to make!  And if it strikes your fancy, let us know, we can make one of your very own!

What a cute and happy bunch of farm animals, waiting to meet their new owner!
We have also begun regularly setting up a table at an artisan's boutique and it has been great to hone how we want to do our booths at events.  Here is the most recent set up (sorry it's a bad pic...).  

Our recent table at Vines RV Artisan's Boutique.
More work to do, but not a bad start!

If you are in the San Luis Obispo area on a Friday, come say hello at the Vines RV Park!  All are welcome.  And soon we hope to join the Paso Robles Saturday Farmer's Market and Craft Faire!

We have also been working away on getting new product made and on our site, including our most popular item, our organizing rolls, like this one!  

We had a great suggestion from a customer that we should also make makeup brush rolls, so ask and you shall receive!  I am just loving these organic fabrics!

And in the next post, we will be revealing our new yarn line!  Those bunnies I keep talking about will be put to work, helping us make some yummy yarns for all of you to enjoy!  Stay tuned!


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