Thursday, June 20, 2019

New adventures for Fiberton Acres...Part Uno

Ummm....first...sorry.  I know it has been way way too long since I last wrote.  Life has a way of
taking some turns you don't expect, and let's be honest, I have yet to meet someone who really has their shit together enough to know how to deal with those changes.

But life is an adventure (and believe me, I keep repeating that mantra in my head) and I am definitely on a new journey.  This time by myself, and it is okay.

And in true starting over fashion, I have relocated to a new state and am in the process of taking on some of the biggest projects I have ever put my mind to.  New career, new town, and soon to be, converting the van into my new tiny home!

I have always loved the idea of the tiny home, and circumstances may have pushed that idea to the forefront.  Purchased for a song it back in Pennsylvania, the white Chevy Express van got us back to California. Shortly after, it sputtered out and it seemed that it was headed for the salvage yard.

Fast forward almost a year later (which is now almost a year ago).  Ric and I made the very tough decision to split up.  We spent about 20 years together, with good times and tough times, and while one of the toughest decisions of my life, we knew it was the right decision.

Not knowing how I was going to get myself around, I looked out at the field where the white van sat and came to the conclusion that I was going to get her up and running again. I walked out with keys in hand, unsure of what state I'd find her in.  A few dead rodents later, I inserted the key into the ignition of the vehicle that sat for months on end and turned it over. It started no problem.

With the help of my dad, we figured out that it was the catalytic converter that went out.  I ordered a new one and we got to work. My dad was my hero, loosening rusted bolts and cutting out the old catalytic converter. With a new one installed and a few other minor repairs, she was up and running once more!

Catalytic Converter work...appropriate shoes...?

A few final fixes...

Dad added this on the to-do list...and subsequently marked it F'ing Done!

My mom came over and we packed up the house.  I made the next tough but important decision, I was going to start a new career and in that, start traveling more.  The 'friend-lords' were the sweetest, and supported my decision, and kept the chickens.  The sheep and rabbits found a new forever home, with many tears shed.  And the white Chevy Express van got a futon bed installed and then got packed up with all the essential items I needed.  Oh, and a name.  C.W. for Covered Wagon.

Prepping the van for the futon...

Enough to sleep on when need be!

And all packed and ready for the new journeys!

Then I hit the road.....

~ Ash

PS - A BIG thanks to all my friends and family who have been there for support through the last year's ups and downs.  I am super excited for the next part of this journey so stay tuned!