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Welcome to the FARM!

Welcome to the FARM!

posted Apr 8, 2015, 4:27 PM by Fiberton Acres [ updated Apr 19, 2015, 12:54 PM ]

Hello there! My name is Ash, and me and my hubby, Ric, are excited to introduce you to Fiberton Acres Ranch and Manor, our blog and our shop. Some of you may be old friends of my previous blog, Civic Stitchings, and some of you may be totally new, but I am so glad to have you all join us here!

Here at our small farm (not really an urban farm, as we are in the tiny town of San Miguel, California, but not really a full fledged farm) we create lots of wonderful things. Before I give you the tour (in the blog post to follow), let me give a brief background.

We recently moved to our new home on the Central Coast of CA, and we are enjoying the sun and the room to spread our wings. We made a drastic change - I worked in politics, and my hubby for a big box store as a manager - and we sold pretty much everything, packed ourselves into an RV and drove down from Eugene, Oregon to live in our RV (which we affectionately named Oliver) until we found our little plot of land. We had every intention of getting fiber animals and starting a fiber farm, with goats, maybe alpacas, rabbits, and more. However, we quickly learned that this was a much larger endeavor here in an area where water is now much more of a scarcity.

We eventually found a wonderful home in the tiny town of San Miguel. We love it. We moved from a medium sized city (Eugene, OR, in which the metro area is about 200k) to San Miguel (which is maybe 2k). For those that have never moved to a significantly smaller location, there are a few things you have to get used to. One is that everyone moves at their own speed. Working on politics, I'd have thought this to be very rude, that people are intentionally disrespecting your time. But after having lived here for a bit, I am starting to realize that people just are not as in as big of a rush here....ever. It still drives me a bit batty, but not nearly as much as when we first got here. In fact, it becomes a little endearing and reminds me that maybe I need to slow down. Another thing, and one that I absolutely love, is the sense of community. People watch out for each other. People make sure that you have the things you need. Everyone knows each other (which is also not so great from time to time) and cares for each other.

And that is how we found our awesome place. I was running a little coffee shop in town for a while, and a few of my regulars came by. I told them we wanted to find a place where we could have some
animals, but wanted to stay closer to San Miguel and needed something pretty affordable. And voila! They told us about their new place, a manor built in the 1930's that they had recently purchased, and that back in the day, they had built a chauffeur's quarters (or something of the like - but I always think of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina...I adore Audrey...if you have not seen it, go watch it. We will be here when you get back) above the 4 car garage in the early 1930's. We saw it and fell in love.

And it is here that Fiberton Acres has started. Not yet a full fledged fiber farm, but we have begun with our angora rabbits - Rorschach (Rory for short) and Penny. We are hoping they will be bringing us some babies in the near future. Penny is the all white one, a German Angora and Rory has the splotches on the face and is a French Angora. Their fur is sooo soft! We mix it with alpaca and you get some super lofty, softy yarn.

We also have our silly dog, JB, who is now 13 and 1/2 years old and is still a little

pain in the rear. Which is pretty great considering his age! Look at that silly face. He mostly doesn't want to eat the rabbits, so that is great! And soon we will be adding two kittens to Fiberton Acres, once they are weened from mommy.

Next time I will show you around the place a little, and fill you in a little more on the operations here at Fiberton Acres!

Thanks for checking us out! We would love to hear from you, so feel free any time to drop us a line here, via email at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram,Ravelry, or Pinterest!

-Ash and Ric and all the animals

PS - Big thanks to our great photographer, Molly! Feel free to contact us if you are looking to get in contact with her.

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