Saturday, March 31, 2018

It All Comes Back to Chickens...Podcast Episode 28

It is time for the 2nd episode in our series on chickens!

As we continue to talk chickens, we realize that everything comes back to chickens, including our 10 minute foray into a cult in southern Cali led by a 90's heart throb. You know...just the norm.

So come have a little listen about the genetics of the modern day chickens and how they gained popularity through history.  

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This week we learned a ton from these great sources/articles...

Smithsonian Mag (also you have got to check out the epic picture they have of a chicken in royal clothes. I am def framing that sh*t.)


Of course we always wanna give a shout out and thank you to All the Apparatus for letting us use their song 'The Aeronaut' for our Intro and Outro!  Show you love by checking out their BandCamp here!


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