Saturday, January 30, 2016

Granny Chic a Week - Crochet and Fabric Coasters

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This week I decided to try out something I have been wanting to do for a while.  I love pairing different mediums, especially when it is yarn/cotton thread and fabric!

So this week, we are doing crochet and fabric granny chic coasters!

Here is what you need:

  • Scissors
  • Size 10 crochet hook 
  • Crochet thread
  • Quarter yard of fabric
  • Iron
  • Optional Variation - Upholstery needle to make a blanket stitch
How To Make Some Awesome Coasters:


Ch - Chain
Sl St - Slip Stitch
Sc - Single Crochet
Dc - Double Crochet

Grab your fabric and cut 4 rectangles (or however many coasters you would like).  I made mine about 4in wide by 8in tall.  

After you cut these out, press in each side about a 1/4in like so....

Then press in half so wrong sides are facing and all edges are turned under, like this...

Now you have 2 choices - you can either use your crochet hook to pierce through the fabric or you can do a blanket stitch around and crochet off of that.  I chose to pierce the fabric with the hook, so that is the tutorial below, but if you would prefer to do a blanket stitch, here is a great tutorial over at Red Brolly. (If you do this method, skip down to the singe crochet section.)

For those of you using the crochet hook, start near a corner and carefully press the hook through all layers of the fabric like so...

Next, hook your crochet thread and pull through, leaving the loop around your hook and pull enough through so it is even with the edge of the fabric so it doesn't pucker up.  Then wrap thread around hook and pull through, as if to slip stitch.  It will look something like this...

Continue like this.  Pierce through the fabric again about 1/8in away from the first one, pull loop through, making a long loop and slip stitch.

Also, beware silly kitties who want to attack your work...

I spaced it to where there are about 14 stitches on the sides (not including the corners.) When you get to the corner, chain one, insert hook back into the hole you pierced for your last stitch, sl st, ch 1 and then insert into same hole one more time, slip stitch and then continue across as you did before.

Once you have worked all the way around (or after you have you finished a blanket stitch around), ch 1 and sc across.  For the size I made, you will need to space 28 stitches across. (But if you want a larger square, the scallops are worked in sets of 4.  So increase or decrease your sc's across by 4 stitches.)

At each corner, ch 1 to turn the corner, and sc 28 across next side.

When you reach the end, slip stitch to join. Then sl st across 3 sc so you will start your first shell (or scallop) in the 4th stitch from the corner.

Ch 2 (will act as first dc), dc5 times into same hole. Sk 3, 6 dc into 4th hole.  Continue across, making 6 shells/scallops.

When you reach the corner (after your 6th shell), ch1, 6 dc into corner turn ch, and ch 1. Sk 3, and 6 dc into 4th hole from corner.  Continue in this fashion all the way around.

When you reach the last corner, join last dc with a sl st to the first dc (the 2 chains) and finish off.  Weave in ends.  And tada!  Your awesome new granny chic coasters!

PS - If you want to print this bad boy out, click here for a downloadable PDF.

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