Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cute and Crocheted

I have been working on the cute and crocheted aspect of the biz lately.  There are oh so many things that fit this category...way too many.  Actually, I just asked my mom if this weekend we can look through some ideas and get her help on where I should focus my time.  I want to make them all!!

For example, I love bunting.  So one of my very first projects was crocheted bunting.  I think they would make the cutest decorations for an outdoor wedding or kids room or a boho/colorful room!

In the works...

So cute!  And they can be made in any color!

I also think part of what our business is about is a sense of nostalgia and a need to bring back well constructed hand made goods that are nice to look at.  I love the freedom I have with our hand sewn pillowcases and that we can add that touch of fun and elegance with the crocheted lace trim.  It has been so much fun to hear people at the shows I have been at tell me that their grandmother had pillowcases with the crocheted trim.  You see this flash in their eyes of a happy memory.  Nothing is better than that.

Working with a bigger hook here...but also do a lot with a tiny hook.
I also love the search for fun and funky fabrics.  I either use organic fabrics (usually from or or we have fun with the hunt for fabric that needs a new home from thrift stores or antique stores.  

Even goats love them!

This is one of my favs...

While our little crocheted pillows are not our biggest seller (yet...hehe), I am in love with them.  The granny squares and crocheted roses are all about nostalgia for me.  They are the perfect shabby chic addition and so much fun to make!  What do you think?

I think they would be even cuter on a pretty cream comforter or couch....

I have many other things in the works....and of course you can find many of these things over at our etsy shop here.  I plan on sharing some tutorials on a few of the things in the works soon, too!  Let us know if there is something you are chomping at the bit to learn!


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