Monday, July 13, 2015

Bringing the family into the business

When I was first wanting to start this business, I thought about the things we'd love to offer.  But many of the things were either outside our wheel house or wishful thinking that we could even try to accomplish it all.  But when we moved to little San Miguel, we also moved closer to my parents, who are very talented artists as well.  They are also very supportive, and when I asked (or maybe sort of begged) them to get involved, they were willing to learn about the fiber world and jump in!

My dad is quite skilled at turning wood.  And needless to say, that comes in quite handy in the fiber arts world.  My mind was thinking about all the possibilities right away.  Drop spindles, knitting needles, yarn bowls... so many pretty wood accessories to making wonderful projects.  And I spewed all my ideas (and still am) at my dad, who also has a full time job.  But low and behold, the first of the drop spindles were made...

This one may be coming off the sales shelf to live with
me full time...I am in love with how it spins!

Oh the colors!
Then other goodies showed up.... stitch markers, knitting needles (which sold at our table right away), and this crazy gorgeous yarn bowl made of locust wood with turquoise inlays....

The golden wood and turquoise are almost enough to
make my yarn crafting brain explode!

And that is some of our handspun yarn in there...more on that later!

And I hear I have other goodies waiting to land in my anxiously awaiting hands....

And then I asked mom about helping with a few things.  First, this is the woman that taught me how to sew, therefore of course I was going to ask her to help with some sewn goodies.  I know she also loves upcycling, the thrill of figuring out a new use for neglected or no longer usable items.  So first she made us some wonderful project bags from denim...

Even equipped with spots for needles or hooks!
And I know what you are thinking.  How do I also get my hands on some hand carved crochet hooks like those pictured in the bag?  Well, turns out my mom is also quite talented with her little pocket knife. 

Yup, she just uses that little knife to make these wonderful little Lance wood hooks with tons of character.  They are super smooth, but have that nice quality that wood brings to yarn crafting where it doesn't make the yarn slide too much like metal or plastic. 

And guess what!?  They are on sale this week!  Just enter the coupon code 'crochethookspecial' and you will get 30% off any hook of your choosing! Click to go to our shop!

I am working on getting some of my mom's weavings.  She is coming around I think....

And soon I hope to have other family members joining in the fun, such as my sister and maybe even one of my cousins.  Because how cool is it to not only have a family so very supportive, but one that is excited to join in the fun?

See you soon!


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