Sunday, July 5, 2015

A tour of Fiberton Acres...

Admittedly, this is not a huge tour. But it will give you a sense of what is happening day to day at FARM. I will also include some of the hopes and dreams we have for the future of Fiberton.

The Garden: Small but will be growing soon.

So far, the garden is a very modest one. I am learning how to grow things in this very new and very different climate. I planted peas in the shade, which are struggling with the heat already. I planted greens around my tomatoes (seen here) and they are trying oh so hard to grow, but I am battling the earwigs that seems to like them as much as I do.

Luckily for me, my very favorite green, arugula, seems not as desirable to the local bugs. The tomatoes seem to be thriving, and just today I planted some more greens, some radishes, some summer squash and borage. I think this year is going to be a lot of trial and error, which works well while I build up the soil and our beds.

The Animals: Just a few furry far....

Of course, you have already met some of the animals. JB, the dog, is growing older, and seems mostly content in the house these days, but he does venture out with me while I do work when it is not too hot.

The rabbits, Rory and Penny are currently in love, and we hope to present a successful litter in about a month. (I say successful, as this will be try #2 for Penny. As a new mom and us as new foster parents, the first time did not go well. But I feel like we have all learned...)

And of course there are the animals nearby that we get to play with any time we'd like. Neighbor chickens and of course, the goats, Crunch and Munch, are our buds, and always crack us up....

We may have some additions to the crew in the near future. There is much talk about chickens of our own, once I get my buns in gear and finish their coop. And how can we have so much fun with alpacas without adding some to our menagerie? Hopefully soon we will have a couple of our own!

And I can't leave out that soon these little ones will be joining us!

The Work Area: Always in a State of... well... Hot Mess seems to describe it.

To be fair, the work area is really the whole house depending on what we are working on. If I am spinning, knitting, crocheting, and typing, you'll likely find me in the living room on my favorite chair (pictured above with the dog enjoying the view) by the window with the record player going.

However, my yarn stash, all my tools, Ric's pixel art, needle felting, and my sewing happens in the craft room. I love that I am using my mom's sewing machine that she used in high school. I love it's fun color and that my mom even kept the manual that long, so I can figure out how to make all the different stitches, as those are not as clear on an older machine.

The Views: Not too shabby.

We get to look out to great views any time we want. This is basically my view from the window I like to sit and look out of.

And the rolling hills go from a bright green during our very short winter/rainy months, to these pretty golden rolling hills.

This is our friendlords' (we didn't like 'landlord' and 'tenant' so we switched it up a bit with friendlords and frienants) very favorite tree on the property, and you can probably see why. Oh, the things this tree must have lived is so fun to let the mind wander and imagine it from seed to grand tree.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into Fiberton! See you soon!


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