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Alpaca Shearing Fun Time!

Alpaca Shearing Fun Time!

posted May 1, 2015, 9:08 PM by Fiberton Acres [ updated May 1, 2015, 9:13 PM ]

Ok, I know I promised you more about Fiberton in a previous blog post, but I have been
busy the past week with something FARM related.... alpaca shearings!

Now, had you asked me when I worked in politics if you thought in the future I'd be traveling around the county, going to random people's houses to help someone shear their alpacas in 90 degree weather and enjoy it, I would say....well, I'd probably say that it would fun. But I'm sure I would be surprised by the question. I mean, even now trying to explain what I am doing to folks it seems rather strange. "What are you doing this week?" "Oh, I am heading out about 30 minutes drive from where I live to this ranch that has 30 alpacas and work ropes while someone shears them. It's a blast!"

And it's seriously true. I love it. Last year we went to a shearing kind of by accident. We met someone with alpacas, and told them we were interested in fiber arts and fiber animals. They invited us out to their upcoming shearing, and when we arrived, we were immediately put to work. I was on the ropes, helping to secure the alpaca so they would be safe while they were shorn. Turns out I am not half bad at it, and the shearers asked if I might join them at other shearings. I had so much fun meeting the owners of the alpacas, as well as chatting and joking with the shearers, that this year, I made sure that I was invited back. (AKA - I totally asked everyone if I could come again.)

Sunday through Thursday I had so much fun traveling all over the place, enjoying the warm weather, windows rolled down, blasting music until we rolled up to a house, where I'd don my gloves and head over to help with ropes, chat with people and play with alpacas. I'd bear the smelly green spit and occasional knee in pee to laugh with the folks around me, and more often than not get to bring home some of the spoils of fiber to play with at home. We would always come home completely filthy, which makes taking a shower and veging in front of the tv so very rewarding.

We finished our last day yesterday with the awesome shearers, but they move on to other cities all over the country. Gotta say, both the hubby and I are a bit jealous. I am sure if we did it longer we might feel differently, but I'd like to think not. We are already looking forward to next year. Now to figure out what goodies to make with these bags of lovely fiber.


PS - If you are in the market for folks that will take care of your alpaca and make you smile while they shear, or if you want to check out some pretty awesome stuff made from fiber they sheared, then definitely hit them up at!

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