Sunday, July 5, 2015

Babies Everywhere!

We are super excited to welcome several new additions to our little menagerie! As I mentioned in our previous post about the FARM, we were looking forward to adopting two kittens from the neighbors/friend-lords. And white they can be a little handful, we have come to the conclusion that they are trying to break the cute-o-meter. Just look at them!

Leia is the striped one with white paws and tip of the tail. Obi (they are both girls, but we really wanted Star Wars names...hehe) has much more while on her, and looks like she will have longer, finer hair. Leia is in love with the dog, and JB is very good with them, but definitely not used to the rambunctious little youngsters yet.

In additions to these cute little furballs, we have bunnies! Penny gave birth to a large litter of 10 bunnies on June 2nd. I wanted to wait to see how things went before I announced this, as this is only her 2nd litter, and the first did not make it. Plus baby bunnies are pretty ugly. She has been a pretty good mom, but with such a large litter, we expected to lose some. So a little over a week in, I am feeling pretty confident that the 6 babies still alive are going to do pretty good. Fingers crossed at least!

Just think of all the fun colors we will get from their angora fiber. So soft and so pretty. We will keep posting on these little ones as they grow!

In addition to these babies, there are other little ones to report on...

I often get to go play with this little guy. Bo is the neighbor pup and just too cute. Who couldn't love that face?

And chicks! These are also the neighbors' little ones, and even though this picture is a little old now (ok, they are totally laying hens now, but hey) they are also cute, and they are what I hope to be adding to our our little FARM soon.

We are continually working on Fiberton and expanding our little operation. And sometimes it seems like we have bit off a little more than we can chew, but mostly it has been such a rewarding and eye opening experience. More soon!

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