Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sweet and Simple Crochet Clutch Pattern

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We are so excited to share our first DIY pattern!  This one is a little clutch we have been working on here at Fiberton Acres.

We have been selling these at our local markets and shows, and they are a lot of fun to make.  Great for beginners, but also such a great stash buster for any level.  Plus, I LOVE buttons!  So I have a blast finding adorable buttons to go with each one of these little beauts!

I have the whole pattern below, but if you'd like to print it off, click here.

Fiberton's Sweet and Simple Crocheted Clutch


  • Size G Crochet Hook
  • 1 Skein (~150 yards) worsted weight yarn (on the thicker worsted weight side) in main color
  • Small ball (~10-15 yards) in contrasting color
  • Alternative for yarn: Use up your stash or small balls for striping! Or a fun multipack of yarn like this...!
  • Thread and needle to secure button.

Ch: Chain
Sl: Slip Stitch
Sc: Single Crochet
Hdc: Half Double Crochet

The Pattern:

Chain 40 in main color.

Row 1:

Turn, and skipping the first 2 ch, half double crochet (hdc) into 3rd chain from hook. The first 2 ch will become your first hdc. Continue in hdc to end of row - 38 hdc total.

Row 2:

Ch 2 and turn. Hdc into each stitch to end.

Row 3:

Ch 2 and turn. Hdc into each stitch to end, but at last stitch, don't pull the final loop through, leaving the 3 loops on your hook, like this:

Then grab your next color and pull that through to complete that hdc. This is the best way to switch colors smoothly.

Row 4:

Ch 2, turn and hdc to end.

Row 5:

Same as row 3, you will ch 2, turn, hdc to end but don't complete the last stitch to change back to main color (see row 3).

Clip off contrasting color to get it out of the way while you finish. Pick the main color back up and complete last stitch with it as you did above.

Rows 6-10:

Ch 2, turn, hdc to end.

Row 11 (buttonhole row):

Ch 2, turn, hdc 32 times, ch 1, skip next stitch, hdc remaining stitches. (This will fit up to a 1 in button. If you want a larger or chunkier button, hdc to 31 stitches, ch 2, and then skip next 2 stitches and hdc to end.)

Row 12:

Ch 2, turn, hdc to end, including 1 (2) around chain. 38 stitches total still.

Rows 13-21:

Ch 2, turn, hdc to end.


First, fold the bottom of your clutch most of the way up, like this… (You will want to check to see where you like the buttonhole to sit on your top flap.)

Next, starting at the bottom right of the clutch, sl through all thicknesses of your piece. (Right by the fold, as we are about to secure the pouch in place.)

Then sc up the right side through all thicknesses and continue on to flap edging. This will give your clutch a more finished look. At the corner, chain 1 and sc back into the same stitch you just sc'd into. This will create a clean turn. Continue across top. (You will be crocheting into what is called the ‘post’ now, which is wider than a normal stitch, so you may find you need to make 2 stitches into each post to create a clean look. Let me know if you have questions on this.)

At the next corner, do as you did on the last corner with 1 ch and sc back into same stitch as the last sc, then continue down the left side to secure the last side of the pouch. Cut yarn and slip through loop on hook to secure.

At this point, turn inside out and pull all yarn ends through to wrong side and weave in. (I often then secure them further with FrayCheck. Also found at most craft supply store.)

Now your clutch should look something like this! Time to pick out your button! The hole will stretch a fair amount if you want a chunkier button, but I'd say no more than 1 in. If you did a bigger hole, you can do a much larger button.

Mark where your button will sit, and stitch on with thread and needle and secure well.

And ta da!!

Your very own handmade clutch! These are so fun and fast that you will want to make them for:
  • gifts (your friends will think you're the coolest)
  • every outfit you own
  • anytime you see an adorable button
  • to use up those scraps
  • or when you want some quick gratification!

Thanks for joining in the fun! We’d love to see your creation! Share your clutch (or ask us questions) on our Facebook, Instagram or Ravelry! Or, if you think this is cute and fun and all, but don't want to pick up your hook, head on over to our etsy shop and pick one out for yourself. :)


PS - We are working on growing our patterns and DIY section on our website, and we have a few already on there you can check out for both knitting and crochet.


  1. Very cool. I find more and more that all I carry is my wallet. I am going to have to make a few of these. Thanks for the instructions.

    1. Glad to find people to share it with! Let me know if there is any feedback you have on the pattern! Can't wait to see what colors you choose! :)