Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prepping for our first 3 day show!

Whew!  I know I have been awful at posting, but we have been hard at work preparing for our first 3 day show!  We are heading to the Creston Rodeo for 3 days of good food, selling our goods, festivities, and LOTS of sun.  We are in a heat wave (it was still 80 degrees at 10pm last night....I think about 104 at the hottest part of the day yesterday....) and I have been wracking my brain on how to deal with the dust and heat at our booth.

First, we bought some awesome bright green astroturf to put down to cut down on the dust right in our booth and to be adorable.  Next I set to work making a give-a-away to those that come check out the booth that will be much needed....paper fans!

In the making...

Ta da!  I had fun designing it!

Of course, in addition to making things to make the booth look nice and help everyone not die of heat stroke, we have been hard at work making some more product.  I am a bit nervous I still don't have quite enough, and will be working like a maniac today to finish, but I am pleased with the results.

Still working on this pillowcase...

How perfect is this fabric?!  I just love it with the edging.
I hope someone takes these pillowcases home to love!

And a few more towels to add to the mix.

So if you are in the Central Coast area of California, come stop by this weekend! (Here is our etsy local link for a little more info!)  Just head on down to the tiny and adorable town of Creston and you can't miss it!

More soon!


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