Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How to Improve Your Daily Happiness in 2 Simple Steps...Confessions of an Impatient, Anxiety Ridden Farm Girl

Sometimes being positive is hard.  Life is a bit of a shit show.  But from watching way too many historical crime shows, I am realizing it kind of always has been throughout history.  From my humble, super duper educated opinion (sarcasm), the only thing that changes over time is what kind of poo is being thrown your way. But you will always be dodging something.

Which is why I am trying to throw out a little positivity instead.  I have to do this from time to time partially to remind myself that as long as I am trying to inject a little good into the world, I am doing okay.  (Even though people may give you a look that indicates that they either a) have no intention of returning said kindness or b) have rarely been shown said kindness and don't know the correct way to act. I always kind of hope it is b, but also, I have to remind myself that, who cares?  I did what was right and if they can't see that it is their loss, right?)

I know, easier said than done.

Which is why you gotta make it work for you, too. 

Initially, I was going to tell you some "Chicken Soup" or "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" or "Do a Little Something" sort of thing...

Which, actually, is great.  You should think about the small things in life.  Like after it rained the other day here, we actually had water in the river.  That is a rarity here.  Usually the water flows underground, so we never see the Salinas with actual flowing water.  And on my way to work, I took a moment to pull off the side of the road and take a quick snap shot and look out.  Work was kind of crap-tastic that day, but I just kept thinking about how cool the water was.  It may be the only time in 2018 I get to see that.

I also wanted to share an idea for something that was unique, something that was totally me, something that would make me (and hopefully a few others) intentionally smile.  Some intentional happiness and silliness.

While I was looking out my kitchen window thinking about this, I saw the Amtrak train go by.  This made me think of how much I love waving at the folks on the train.  I love when people wave at one another.  A small connection, a moment out of their day to recognize another individual, which is nice but fleeting. I wanted to make a wave that would last, like when I was a kid and my grandparents lived right by the railroad.  They had a train whistle for me, and every time the train went by I'd blow my whistle and wave. How could I recreate this feeling as an adult?

Two words.


Here is the kicker...the day before I was going to set up my tea party by the side of the railroad tracks with the hubby, I happened to tell a woman I met that I have a farm.  AND, she happened to tell me she was a photographer looking for somewhere fun to photograph.

(Side bar and important creds- I did not ask her to our place to come take pics of the following.  I know, as a maker and artist, that it sucks when someone wants you to do something for nothing.  But she was interested in the animals, and I told her I love being the crazy animal mom and showing them off.  However, once she came over and heard out our crazy idea, she was totally down to come take some photos...and we could not have asked for more!! All the following photos are credited to Keren Lynn Photography - an awesome full time RV'er documenting her travels and more.  Check her stuff out here!)

So, we loaded up the friend-lords' truck and drove down to the tracks (which are located just down the hill from us) and set up shop....

 After we set up (I mean, can it be any more perfect?), we sat down to sip on our 'tea' and wait...

Ok, ok...tea or beer...a relaxing beverage either way...

Now the waiting begins.  Here we joke about the cool winds, the scenic backdrop of the vineyard next to the track, and sip our beer while ever vigilantly checking on the Amtrak app for the departure of the train from Paso.  

A hilarious side effect were the cars driving by in the mean time!

When it was time for the train, cheers went out from all our bystanders...

After a small, soft 'toot toot' from the Engineer, it was time!  Time for #trainwaving! (I am starting the hash tag.  Let's totally make it a thing.)

If you look close at a few of these pics, you can see a few waves!

And as fast as it came, it was gone. And we could NOT stop laughing!

The tracks lay quiet while we packed up, shivering in the cool wind and laughing.  

It was all the perfect way to make us intentionally happy.  To have a new experience that would make all of us smile when we saw the train. And we had met a new friend who was more than happy to join in the madness. She added so much to it, including documenting this entire experience so much better than we could have!

So moral of the story?  (AKA...TLDR...)

Sometimes you have to take the teapot by the handle and do a little something fun and silly to have a great experience that you will think back on and make you smile. And why not ask a friend to join in? As long as whatever you do does not hurt another, why not go for it? 

Cuz life is hard, and if you don't inject a little fun in sometimes, it is crazy easy to only see the piles of poo and not the flowers growing out of them.


PS - If you want to do some train waving, tag yo' shit with #trainwaving so we can see, or share in the comments!!

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  1. OMG love this! Haha, just to confirm, you most certainly did not ask for anything... infact I was concerned I wouldn't be able to join you in the happy craziness! What an awesome day, thank you for including me. xo Keren Lynn