Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another part of the Jolene the Franken-Chicken Saga...

We had to do one more addition to the saga that is little Jolene, our Franken-Chicken (aka Fiberton's Monster.)

If you missed the previous posts, you'll find why she received that name here and her health updates here.

In our latest installment, we must reveal a new name for Jolene.... Joe!  Now that Joe has grown up, we now know that Joe is a rooster!  And as for Dolly, who we thought was his sister, well, we are now calling him Donny. (As you can see by Joe crowing below...)

Ric was not having it....

"Ric, I think the combs and wattles on Jo and Dolly are really big. They might be roosters." I tell him one morning.

"Nope.  That is just their breed.  They are fine.", he says defiantly.

Later that week...

"Ric, I need you to watch this video of Jo." Here I produce video of Jo crowing...

Here's the thing, and probably why Ric was trying to pretend otherwise, but last month we had to do the not fun task of culling 4 roosters , as at that time we had 6 that we knew of.   They were fighting, and would not give the girls any peace, so they were not able to free range.

That being said, Joe and Donny are very domesticated and let us pick them up no problem.  And so far, it seems that the roosters have taken on their own family units.  Our hope is that it stays like this, and we can keep all 4 roosters.

Our family units include:
  • The two Kevins (the sorta wild roosters) and their hens: Girl Kevin, Falcor, Artax, Donkey and Giraffe
  • Donny and his 2 girls: Barbara and Dixie
  • And finally Joe and his gal, Atreyu
So far so good!  We hope to add some more chicks to the mix very soon!  Today my job is the get a special space set up for the new additions that is outside and not in our bathroom this time.

- Ash

PS - And speaking of chickens, keep an eye out for our new podcast episode coming out very soon on....Chickens!

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