Friday, January 8, 2016

Granny Chic a Week - Week One - Pom Pom Rug!

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Woo hoo!  We are super excited to kick off our new year's blog posts with our first installation of Granny Chic a Week!

Grab that yarn and start making pom poms! Here is what you will need:


  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard or scrap mail or a pom pom maker
  • Lots of yarn (I used up lots of stash balls, but my guestimate would be around 1500 yards)
Scissors, some scrap cardstock mail or cardboard, and yarn
  • Felt to finish the back completely a little larger than your final rug
  • Non-skid/rubbery mat (see below)
Non-skid backing/mat - you can also find this in the kitchen section to put in drawers
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

The How To:
Collect your supplies....

And start whipping up some pom poms!  I decided to make my rug 16in wide by 26in long, so I had to make 126 - 2in pom poms.   You can make these your preferred method if you have one, or this is how I make them:

 Grab your cardboard (or in my case, scrap mail) and cut or fold into desired size.  Mine is 2in.

2Start wrapping the yarn around the cardboard like this:

Continue to wrap the yarn for a bit.  You want it to be a thick, full pom pom, so wrap until it looks something like this:

Then you will cut a longer piece of yarn to tie it up with.  Lay the long piece on a surface and then carefully slide your wrapped yarn off the cardboard and set it on the long piece like this:

Next you will tightly tie the long piece around the center of the wrapped yarn.  Double knot.
Now to grab the scissors.  Insert the scissors into the loops on either side and snip.
You will now have something that looks like this:

Keeping a hold of the long strings (do not cut these off - they will be used later) give the pom pom a haircut to its desired size and shape....

And tada!  Your pom pom!

After you make enough pom poms (admittedly, you kind of have to love this to make this many...) then you will start tying them on to your latch hooking backing, making sure to place close enough that there are not gaps where you see the rug.  For my 16x26in rug, I had 14 rows of 9.

Take long strings and use them to tie the pom pom to the rug backing
Here you can see some holes I need to fill.  I made mine lots of fun colors, but you could do all one color, or do an ombre look or stripes...have fun with it!

 Once you have them all tied on how you like, trim the long pieces down on the back...

And then cut a piece of felt or backing to the size of your rug. 

Plug in the glue gun and start gluing!   I left a little extra along the edges so I could wrap the felt up and around the rough edges of the latch hook backing.

Just one last step! Grab your non-skid backing (mostly just needed if you have hard wood floors) and add a bit to the back.

And voila!  Your fun rug is all done!  So squishy on the feet and so cute to look at!

It would be great for a kids room, or you could go crazy and make a large circle for your living room.  The possibilities are endless!

We hope you have fun and enjoy this Granny Chic project!


PS - Here are outtakes with kitties who were really very curious about my photography....

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