Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My new goal....one letter mailed off a day!

Sometimes it is important to think about the small things that make us as people feel good.  Like taking a morning walk with your dog down the long dirt driveway to drop something in the mailbox while sipping on your coffee.  This morning I did just that, which got me to thinking how nice that would be to have such a good excuse to go out and do this every morning with our wonderful, but aging dog.  I want to spend as much time as I can with this silly guy.  

JB the Wonderdog.  Slowing down a bit
but still doing his darndest to keep up!
And as I thought about how I only have so many Netflix's that I can walk to the mail, I also thought about how much fun it would be to send off a letter to someone every day (well, except Sunday's).  I know how excited I get when something comes in the mail that is personal and not a bill. 

I also have to confess something.  I am addicted to stationary and office products.  I LOVE pens and paper.  I am pretty sure if I had all the money in the world, I would have one of those color coordinated offices with all the fun and colorful folders and organizing bins and file collectors and pretty pens and matching stationary and....well, something like you'd see in the ads of a magazine.  But with a vintage phone in teal.  And my typewriter. Now I want to go redo my entire office/craft room....  Maybe something like this as some inspiration...

Image Source - Google Images

Or this....

Image source - Google Images

That actually doesn't seem too hard to do...I also love the suitcases...

ANYWAY....I digress.  I love stationary, I love the idea of a walk down to the mailbox with my doggie and I love the idea of putting a little smile on someone else's face when they receive a letter.  So, why not put all of that together?  My new goal is to write a letter or postcard or something each day to mail off the next morning.  

Here is where you come in, my lovely and awesome readers.  Shoot me a line here if you would like to join in the fun.  Include these 3 things: 1) Your mailing address, 2) Your name of course, or you know, whatever you want me to call you and 3) Any interests you might want to let me know about.  And/or if you have Facebook, head over and like our page and shoot us a PM there!  And no expectations to send mail back.  You are making my day just by joining in!

Image Source - Google Images
I can't wait to get started!  Hope this gets a few of you excited, too!


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